In an effort to increase student engagement and promote open discussion, we regularly invite international human rights figures to visit universities and schools here in Switzerland. We had the pleasure of hosting Librada Paz during this year’s Human Rights Film Festival Zürich.

Mrs. Paz is a Mexican-American human rights activist who has made significant strides in securing equal rights for farmworkers. As a 15-year-old girl from Mexico, she immigrated to the US without documents to work in the fruit and vegetable fields. After experiencing the working conditions, abuses, and oppression of field workers, she became a human rights activist who is now working very hard on their behalf.

Together, we visited the Cantonal School Enge and the Free Gymnasium Zürich. It was inspiring to witness the students enthusiasm, interest, and commitment surrounding the topic of human rights. The discussion focused on the situation at the Mexican-American border today, the overall treatment of field workers in the area of food production, and the situation of the migrants without documents in both Europe and in the USA.